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Instrument Panel Front

Heat and Sunlight Resistance


MetalPhoto® is the preferred choice for plaques and awards because of its distinctive appearance, and ease of production.

Images produced on are amazingly sharp and crisp, perfect for duplicating fine detail.
Photographs, illustrations, type or graphics are faithfully reproduced on MetalPhoto®.

Anything that can be photographed can be printed on.
Because of its smooth surface and photographic character, MetalPhoto® creates a customized feeling with its sharpness and clarity - all captured on its lustrous anodized finish.

MetalPhoto®is available in a variety of colours and finishes.
Background colours can be added with one of several easy to use processes or factory pre-dyed plates.
Selective colours can also be added to create unique, customized awards.
This is especially effective for corporate logos and product identity pieces.

In addition to plaques and awards, MetalPhoto® is commonly used for instrument panel front.
Panel fronts are a common, highly visible component of many machines, devices, and instalments.
In addition to the term panel front, they are often referred to as control panels, instrument panels, rack panels, and faceplates.

MetalPhoto®panel fronts are superior to other substrates in two important ways:

1. panels have exceptional durability,
2. offer the highest graphic resolution capability of any substrate.

The association of nameplate manufacturers, NAME, defines MetalPhoto® as the most durable aluminium substrate, citing superior abrasion, heat, and sunlight resistance.
These characteristics are a result of MetalPhoto®'s silver metal graphics being fully sealed within a sapphire hard, glass clear anodic layer.