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Bronze Plaques

The quality and distinction of bronze reflects the heritage of your organization.
This classic material is ideal for building signs, commemorative plaques, donor recognition, specialty products, and individual awards.
The timeless elegance of bronze announces to your group that they associate with the very best.

Create an identification sign as distinguished as your association.
Choose cast bronze to capture the essence and spirit of your organization.

Identify businesses, buildings, tenants, rooms & individuals with cast and cut metal letters.

Richness and durability are among the qualities that contribute to the lasting appeal of bronze for dedication and commemorative plaques.

An award plaque is a special gesture of appreciation.
When you recognize individual or group achievements, no material honours recipients better than bronze.

Prominently display the names of your organization's notable donors, leaders, or key supporters in cast bronze.
Listings assume greater significance set in this ageless metal.

Matthews Bronze


Miller Photoplaques is an authorized dealer for Matthews Bronze - Excellence in metal identification products since 1850.
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